Torque Limiter 231CDW and 241CDW dimension image
Dimensional Details (inches) Model
211CDW 221CDW
Clearance “thru” bore A Consult CDWdrives Consult CDWdrives
Hub diameter (adj nut end) B 2.50 3.75
Hub dia. (finish bore end) B1 3.75 5.72
Adj nut diameter C 5.38 7.50
Limit switch plate diameter D 8.00 10.00
Finish bore depth E 3.75 4.00
LS plate movement F 0.21 0.25
Stock bore  G Machined Per Order Machined Per Order
Keyway H Machined Per Order Machined Per Order
Pilot diameter J 4.250/4.248 6.340/6.337
Adapter step diameter K1 5.17 7.50
Adapter outer diameter K2 6.25 8.50
Overall length L 6.90 8.50
Bolt circle M (10) 5/16-18 tapped holes equally spaced on 4-3/4″ dia. bolt circle (12) 3/8-16 tapped holes equally spaced on 6-15/16 dia. bolt circle
Barring hole position N1 0.28 0.34
Barring hole diameter N2 (4) 0.31 (4) 0.38
LS plate position (engaged) P 1.97 2.82
LS plate thickness R 0.12 0.12
Adapter projection S 1.75 2.13
Hub projection T 0.75 0.68
Setscrew position V1 0.38 0.38
Setscrew Size V2 Varies by bore size Varies by bore size

QD Bushing no background-0

QD Bushing Style Hubs are available for models 231 and 241CDW.
Consult CDWdrives for application information.


Coupling style 241CDW-45h4.fw

Coupling style assemblies are available for all four models – allows for angular, parallel and axial misalignment when there is a requirement for installation of the torque limiter between two shafts